Automate your service and explore the power of conversations

Complement the consumer's journey through chatbots prepared and always available to meet the various needs of your business.

Muito mais que um chatbot!

Nama Assistant uses Artificial Intelligence and Design to deliver an efficient experience for brands and their consumers

Offer intuitive service

Use artificial intelligence to, within a pre-established scope, give the user freedom to interact with the assistant in the way they see fit.

Know your customer better

Have the user's intentions recognized through a single sentence and resolved in a quick and objective service.

Obtain essential information, such as CPF, cell phones and emails, in an automated way through field validation.

Deliver what your customer wants

With the Nama Assistant in a web channel, it is possible to identify the user's behavior on the website and proactively initiate an interaction.

Don't lose the data that matters

Expand the capacity of your team and your operation by combining the Nama platform with your company's already established processes.

Reach even more people across multiple channels

Connect your Nama Assistant to multiple channels and track everything in one place.

Nama Platform

Conversation is the best way to connect with your customers

Explore the potential of messages through a complete automation solution with tools for all teams in your company.

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