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Materials created through strategic and collaborative partnerships to expand knowledge in Customer Experience and Artificial Intelligence

Hey, A.I

During 2018 and 2019, in a joint effort by zero42 and Nama, we dedicated ourselves to understanding how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is viewed globally and the many ways in which its use will impact society.
We analyzed a set of 54 reports, articles and strategic plans coming from various companies, governments and organizations around the world to understand what social issues are discussed and what are the causes of it all.

Digest For Tomorrow: The World's AI Innovation Radar

Weekly news about Nama, Artificial Intelligence, Design and the Market in a newsletter prepared to inform you about what is most relevant in this context.

Varejo: como oferecer a melhor experiência para vender mais

Um book para ajudar a entender como a Inteligência Artificial e o pagamento móvel podem ser ferramentas importantes para reduzir o atrito na jornada de compra, oferecendo possibilidades de atendimento e uma experiência personalizada ao consumidor.

Evolua o Customer Experience no seu negócio

Crie experiências cativantes entre marcas e pessoas com ajuda da Inteligência Artificial.

Automate with AI

Complement the consumer journey with the use of chatbots prepared and always available to meet the various needs of your business.

Answer and manage

Centralize service from different channels, manage your service teams and optimize conversations with the help of AI.

Analyze and improve

Get service reports and support the strategy and improve the customer experience.

Digest for Tomorrow

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