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A story is more interesting when told by someone and, even more so, when this is done through interaction. It was with this in mind that UNHCR, in partnership with Facebook, took the initiative to have a chatbot to talk about refugees and help those in need. By talking to Salam Nuri, it is possible to experience part of the pain of being forced to leave your family to seek less miserable conditions, and become aware of the cause of refugees.


Poupinha reaches 130 million messages exchanged

Poupatempo chatbot developed by Nama brought Artificial Intelligence to the Government of the State of São Paulo.


Poupinha, an automated scheduling service, made life easier for citizens in the State of São Paulo and completed more than 3.4 million appointments.

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There's nothing better than finding out about the status of your product directly from the brand that produced it. Canon do Brasil thought of its chatbot exactly to help support cameras and printers. The assistant answers questions ranging from recurring questions about equipment configuration to guidance related to technical assistance. The service not only made life easier for the end customer, but also for Canon itself, who had a significant reduction in the telephone service queue and in the number of emails received.


Lu: the chatbot that is the darling of the public

Magazine's automated customer service, developed by Nama, receives an award and simplifies the relationship between customer and company in the after-sales period.


After-sales service that facilitates the consumer's journey is the main objective of Lu, Magazine Luiza's chatbot, whose effectiveness was proven by its understanding rate of 94% of the requests made.

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Now, with the help of the tool, we have the opportunity to look at the customer experience process more closely, with the aim of making their visit to our stores even more pleasant."
Thais Nicolau
Gerente de Comunicação & Inovação do Burger King Brasil

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