Be present on different channels and reach even more people

Connect your service to multiple channels, build a consistent relationship with your customers and be able to track everything in one place.

Centralize as conversas com os clientes

Unify service on the Nama Platform and have the convenience of serving different channels within the same environment

Choose from several channels for your service:

Sites & Apps
Facebook Messenger
Google Assistant*

*WhatsApp and Google Assistant are still subject to review by Nama. Get in touch with our team for project evaluation and necessary connections.

Connect even more through your website or app

Enable the Nama Platform Widget on your websites and applications, and enjoy the opportunity to chat with your customers in a customized environment with your brand face.

Drive the conversation with interactivity

Send files, photos and videos to your customers through interactive cards, provide quick responses and enable complex interactions through integrations and webviews.

Configure intuitively

Connect the Nama Platform to your company's various service channels in just a few steps, with intuitive processes integrated into the major messengers on the market.

Have a complete service available to your customers

Structure a channel strategy on the platform in an easy and practical way, with the freedom to organize your channels in the best way for your business.

Automate your service and always be available

Complement the consumer journey through a virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence in various needs of your business.

Understand how to evolve the service experience

Get data and insights on the performance of your services and be confident to improve the customer experience at strategic points.

Plataforma Nama

Conversation is the best way to connect with your customers

Explore the potential of messages through a complete automation solution with tools for all teams in your company.

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