Track and understand your service journey

Access essential information for analysis, support and improvement of the customer experience, and have confidence to improve the journey at strategic points.

Monitore os atendimentos com uma visualização simples e objetiva

Filter the data and export complete reports about Nama Desk and Nama Assistant in a hassle-free way for analysis

Follow conversations in real time
Evaluate service performance
Access chat history
Extract essential information for your strategy

Supervise calls in progress

Follow the real-time performance of the service with a chatbot or performed by the agent at the Desk.

Evaluate service performance

Analyze indicators and information about the performance of the chatbot and the service teams, with the possibility of filters and data export.

Access service history

Have the conversations between the customer and the bot or agent in hand and understand consumer behavior in more detail.

Extract essential information for your business strategy

Obtain detailed data on assistance and receive personalized reports with the indicators that make a difference for your business.

Be on the side of those who seek to serve their customers well

Get to know the stories of those who have already started to change the consumer experience with Nama.


Poupinha chega a 130 milhões de mensagens trocadas

Chatbot do Poupatempo para agendamento, desenvolvido pela Nama, levou a Inteligência Artificial para o Governo do Estado de São Paulo.

Do even more while reducing your costs

Automate more than 90% of your customer service conversations and reduce your costs by up to 60% in the first year*.

*Metrics for internal use by Nama with its customers.

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Conversation is the best way to connect with your customers

Explore the potential of messages through a complete automation solution with tools for all teams in your company.

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