Serve and understand your customer better

Offer automated and personalized conversations through Artificial Intelligence in any channel

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Automate recurring questions in your business

Decrease customer frustration by quickly responding to routine inquiries, customer relationship questions, and build post-sale loyalty.

Decrease consumer frustration

Centralize your calls and make your team more efficient

Transfer chatbot calls to your team of agents regardless of the interaction channel with your customer.

Artificial and human intelligence across multiple channels
Sites & Apps
Facebook Messenger

Get important data about the experience

Identify the main themes, subjects, behaviors and trends in customer support and post-sales, and evolve the intelligence of your chatbot and team of agents.

Improve your service strategically
We are committed to our customers to provide the best service. With the chatbot system, we were able to quickly and easily deliver some basic information. Technology is in the company's DNA, so we also take digitalization to customer service."
André Fatala
CTO do Magazine Luiza

Offer a good experience to even more users

Through Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Nama's proprietary technology ensures a natural conversation with your customers so you can scale your services without losing the quality and personality of your brand.

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Capture even more users while reducing your costs

Automate more than 90% of your customer service conversations and reduce your costs by up to 60% in the first year*.

*Metrics for internal use by Nama with its customers.

One purpose, many purposes

Expand the capacity of your team and your operation by combining the Nama platform with your company's already established processes.

Choose a solution that integrates with your business

Have the freedom to do even more

Have autonomy and complete mastery of the solution with the tools for development.

Develop complex solutions with freedom and solidity

Comece a reter mais clientes

Crie experiências cativantes entre marcas e pessoas com a ajuda da Inteligência Artificial.

Automate with AI

Complement the consumer journey with the use of chatbots prepared and always available to meet the various needs of your business.

Answer and manage

Centralize service from different channels, manage your service teams and optimize conversations with the help of AI.

Analyze and improve

Get service reports and support the strategy and improve the customer experience.

inform and convert

Don't lose your leads because you're unavailable and get to know your customer better through automated information capture

Engage and conquer

Evolve your customer relationship and create captivating experiences with the help of artificial intelligence

Resolve and retain

Serve and better understand your customer by offering the necessary support to ensure a satisfactory experience from beginning to end

Make it easy and clarify

Value the internal communication of your business and facilitate the relationship between your company's teams
Nama Platform

Conversation is the best way to connect with your customers

Explore the potential of messages through a complete automation solution with tools for all teams in your company.

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