The new era of solutions designed for companies that understand the importance of serving their customers well

Offer automated and personalized conversations through Artificial Intelligence, manage your service channels on an intuitive platform and obtain the essential insights to evolve the consumer experience.

No-Code Generative AI

Revolutionize your interactions with state-of-the-art, easy-to-deploy, no-code generative AI, streamlining processes and experiences.

Efficient and Versatile Chatbots

Complement the consumer journey through scalable and always available chatbots to meet the diverse needs of your business.

Connect multiple channels

Reach more people by connecting your service to multiple channels and track everything in one place.

lead with confidence

Manage all your agents and services on the same platform, and get reports to improve the customer experience.

Proporcione uma experiência diferenciada para seu cliente e equipe

Elevate the consumer journey with AI through the Nama Platform and provide differentiated customer service and an intuitive experience for your employees


Offer your agents an intuitive service platform designed to enhance the relationship with your customers.


Combine human and artificial intelligence to scale your services without losing the quality and personality of your brand.


Expand the capacity of your team and your operation by combining the Nama platform with your company's already established processes.


Count on a platform developed with the most advanced infrastructure and security, and worry about what matters.

Poupinha chega a 130 milhões de mensagens trocadas

Chatbot do Poupatempo para agendamento, desenvolvido pela Nama, levou a Inteligência Artificial para o Governo do Estado de São Paulo.


Lu: o chatbot que é o queridinho do público

Atendimento automatizado ao cliente da Magazine, desenvolvido pela Nama, recebe prêmio e simplifica a relação entre cliente e empresa no pós-venda.

Encontre o caso de uso que melhor combina com o seu negócio

Customize your service based on the main use cases in the market, serving from the end customer to the internal public of your company

inform and convert

Don't lose your leads because you're unavailable and get to know your customer better through automated information capture

Engage and conquer

Evolve your customer relationship and create captivating experiences with the help of artificial intelligence

Resolve and retain

Serve and better understand your customer by offering the necessary support to ensure a satisfactory experience from beginning to end

Make it easy and clarify

Value the internal communication of your business and facilitate the relationship between your company's teams

Solução pensada para empresas que entendem a importância de atender bem seus clientes

Plataforma Nama

Conversation is the best way to connect with your customers

Explore the potential of messages through a complete automation solution with tools for all teams in your company.

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