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with Generative AI

Automate interactions, personalize responses, and drive customer satisfaction with cognitive apps.

Say Goodbye to Mediocre Answers
Go beyond chatbots with Nama's advanced AI. Unleash the potential of state-of-the-art models for your business and get accurate, intelligent and personalized answers.
Multimodal Solutions
Create Impactful AI-Driven Experiences: Build Chatbots, Smart Answers Pages and more with Nama AI API.
Precision and accuracy beyond ChatGPT
Deliver accurate and reasoned answers in your documents with Nama's Conversational Semantic Search, without worrying about file sizes or token limitations.
Access Various Document Formats
Seamlessly process PDFs, CSVs, web pages and more with AI-powered OCR extraction
Create a unique brand voice with generative AI
Develop a distinctive tone of voice that resonates with your customers, drives engagement and drives your business growth.
One content, infinite adaptations
Serve multiple languages and enhance your current content to meet the specific needs of different audiences and markets.
Increase Customer Satisfaction with Custom Chatbots
Create unique experiences that build customer loyalty and drive hassle-free growth.
Connect with your customers
Use popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Slack and Facebook
+ more...
Stay ahead with smart workflows
From answering customer inquiries to managing internal documentation, Nama helps you streamline your operations and achieve your business goals.
Expand your automated journeys with external integrations
Integrate Nama with your existing tools and support multiple tools and use cases.
Customer Experience
Human Resources
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From Startups to Enterprises
Stay ahead of the competition in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. Quickly start your AI journey with Nama's cloud-based solutions and focus on achieving your business goals.

Solução pensada para empresas que entendem a importância de atender bem

Empresas que garantem a satisfação de seus clientes oferecendo atendimento completo com o auxílio da IA e dos serviços Nama

Agora, com o auxílio da ferramenta, temos oportunidade de olhar para o processo de experiência do cliente com maior atenção, com o objetivo de tornar a sua visita às nossas lojas ainda mais agradável."
Thais Nicolau
Gerente de Comunicação & Inovação do Burger King Brasil

Poupinha chega a 130 milhões de mensagens trocadas

Chatbot do Poupatempo para agendamento, desenvolvido pela Nama, levou a Inteligência Artificial para o Governo do Estado de São Paulo.


Lu: o chatbot que é o queridinho do público

Atendimento automatizado ao cliente da Magazine, desenvolvido pela Nama, recebe prêmio e simplifica a relação entre cliente e empresa no pós-venda.


Lu: o chatbot que é o queridinho do público

Descubra como a Neoenergia aumentou a eficiência e satisfação do cliente no início da pandemia, quando o atendimento presencial estava limitado e o suporte via sistemas de mensageria se tornou crucial para manter o auxílio ao público

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